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Wallin Hester strives to provide the highest quality legal services for both large and small businesses and individual clients. The Firm prides itself on satisfying the legal needs of all types of clients in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Practice Areas

Lawyers at Wallin Hester work together on each legal matter to provide the full-service capabilities our clients need for the complex litigation, corporate, contract, intellectual property and other interdisciplinary matters that arise in today’s world. Our lawyers are experienced in handling legal matters on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.


Wallin Hester devotes itself to training each of its attorneys to ensure that clients receive the highest quality legal services. The Firm is continually committed to improving the overall and individual performance of its attorneys through rigorous training, mentoring, and first-hand experience.

Client Service and Technology

Our office strives to maintain an intimate knowledge of each client’s needs and objectives. The Firm ensures that legal and administrative personnel are readily available to respond in a timely manner to all of the legal needs of its clients. In addition, Wallin Hester takes advantage of today’s rapid advances in technology by providing all of its attorneys, staff, and clients with the most advanced technological tools available to facilitate the practice of law. In addition, several of the Firm’s attorneys are fluent in foreign languages, including Spanish, Italian and Japanese.


Attorneys at Wallin Hester have been successful in litigating and negotiating favorable settlements for its clients, including awards in excess of $2.5 million. We have also successfully defended clients against claims in excess of several million dollars. The Firm recognizes that its success depends entirely on the satisfaction of its clients. Accordingly, our attorneys and staff regularly speak with clients to set objectives and establish budgets for attorney time and major expenses. Our office also stays informed on ever-changing laws and regulations to keep our clients one step ahead in today’s fast-paced environment.



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