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Law Students

We realize that today’s law students have many choices in law firms with which to begin their legal career. We think there are a lot of reasons you should consider joining Wallin Hester. Wallin Hester represents sophisticated clients all over the country, in many different areas of the law. We are able to do all of this from our location in Gilbert, Arizona, which provides a more relaxed atmosphere and an easier commute for those that live in the East Valley. Wallin Hester’s partners and senior associates provide extensive training for new attorneys, and unlike many of the larger firms, new attorneys begin working on meaningful projects right away, rather than being buried in legal research for the first year or more. Wallin Hester provides an environment where personal growth and hard work are rewarded every day.

You will find practicing law at Wallin Hester provides an ideal combination of complex legal work with a wonderful, relaxed lifestyle. Wallin Hester offers our attorneys the opportunity to achieve success.

Welcome to Wallin Hester.

To submit a resume for an opportunity, please send it to [email protected]